ForeSight 2025 - A View of the Future of Work

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What People Are Saying About ForeSight 2025
“There’s no mistaking that the world of work is barreling dramatically, forcefully, and irrevocably forward. When we think about how business has changed, the unanswered questions lying in the backs of our minds tend to be both: “What’s happening?” and “What’s next?” ForeSight 2025 explains both how we got here and where we’re going in prescient and poignant ways. There is no one topic that absorbs more of our lives than that of our work; if you wish to understand how you will be impacted by a new economy, don’t miss this book.”
— Josh Allan Dykstra, Author, Igniting the Invisible Tribe: Designing An Organization That Doesn’t Suck
"If Peter Drucker and the Dalai Lama collaborated on a book about the future, this would be it. A deep spirituality runs through this work, and I strongly STRONGLY recommend the epilogue. Those 16 trends and five game changers are spot-on. Anyone who's trying to think around the corner needs to get their eyes on ForeSight 2025."

— Rebecca Ryan, NEXT Generation Consulting
"ForeSight 2025 gives a new perspective on the 21st century, and the way world of work is being rapidly transformed through the efforts of people like Terry Musch, Norma Owen, and Charles Grantham. Their formula for creating a "culture of community" in the workplace will engage readers in new ways to lead their organizations.  Within these pages is a powerful new framework that places emphasis — correctly — on relationships, alliances, and partnerships over the isolated, fractured, or "mercenary" models so often seen in business, government, and academia in the past. Read this groundbreaking book and apply it to your world!"

— John B. Ashbaugh, Ph.D., Hancock College Department of Social Sciences