ForeSight 2025 - A View of the Future of Work

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Welcome to ForeSight 2025 Online
If you feel the rules have changed, that you can’t catch your breath and just as you step onto stable ground a rug is pulled from beneath you, you’d be right! In a short dozen years there’s been almost an unimaginable impact of unforeseen events in how we work, live, play and learn together. It’s safe to say more changes are on the way.

The trio that authored this book, ForeSight 2025, has spent the last two years listening to community and business leaders about their concerns, hopes and fears. Charlie Grantham, Norma Owen and Terry Musch have combined their expertise in technology, workforce change and next-generation professional development to produce a guide to the future. They call themselves the FutureWork>ing<TOGETHER (FWT) team.

Being agile and sustainable going forward will require leadership that brings together sharp edged analytical skills with disciplined intuition. In 21st Century dual hemisphere brain fashion, ForeSight 2025 is written in a way that exercises the critical capacity of whole brain thinking. An excerpt, to be published here as a series of short articles, focuses on the competencies leaders will need. Whether you are looking to expand, re-locate a business, or invigorate your workforce for global challenges, here is where you begin.
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